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IT Services

We can get your computer running again.

Outfox IT Services can resolve your computer related issues. We educate our customers and provide technical support for: device evaluation, setup, troubleshooting, software / hardware upgrades, email configuration, virus removal, and networking.

Has your computer system gone down?

What are IT Services?

IT Services is the troubleshooting and resolving of issues with your computer’s software or hardware that will cause your machine or network to not function properly.

IT Services

Outfox IT Services - IT Services Overview

At Outfox IT Services our IT support does more than just resolve computer issues, we also provide: technical support, networking, troubleshooting, computer education, and shopping selections for clients.

Many of our clients need help in selecting the right device for their needs, as well as, installation and education on the device.

We offer support for Android, PC, and Mac systems including: desktops, laptops, smart devices, networks, servers and much more.

Network Services

Outfox IT Services - IT and Network Support Services

Having trouble with your network? Outfox IT Services can troubleshoot and detect the issues that are causing you costly downtime. Remote access or in person technical support with one of our IT professionals is always available.

Call today for a review of your current network, or to have an evaluation of the type of network system that can handle your workflow.

We work on PC and Mac network systems including: servers, switches, network drives, wi-fi, modems, routers, and patch panels.

Virus Removal

Outfox IT Services - IT and Virus / Malware Support

If you fear you have a virus, malware, or ransomware avoiding the issue is not going to make it go away. Most small business don't have virus protection, and because of this ransomware thieves are targeting these types of business owners.

Do you share information between friends and family members on different machines? That is how viruses get passed, don’t lose images, files, and important records to viruses or malware. We can review your virus protection and let you know what you can do to protect yourself.

Want A Better Running Network?

Call today and learn about Remote Access Services to help you with file backup, system updates, and virus upkeep.

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Working with email
  • Learning to use smart devices (Alexa, Google, etc.)
  • Learning car navigation systems
New Device Setup
  • New computer setup
  • New smart phone or tablet setup
  • Smart device setup and integration
  • Pairing your device to your car
  • Operating system installs and upgrades
  • Operating system removals
  • Provide clients with best options for their budget
Device Selection and Evaluation
  • Shop device options for the client
  • Evaluate current system and make recommendations
  • New software installs and upgrades
  • Loaded software upgrade and removal
  • Resolve issues with devices that cause conflicts
  • Find problems with operating systems
  • Find problems with installed software
Device Memory Upgrade
  • Upgrade existing device to increase functionality
  • Cost saving option for customers needing more out of their device
Email Configuration
  • Setup new email account
  • Configure email account settings
  • Install email onto smart device
Wireless Networking
  • Setup secure wireless systems
  • Install wireless router
  • Configure wireless router
Virus Removal
  • Identify and advise client on virus issues
  • Install of software to remove viruses and spyware
  • Educate client on the importance of virus protection on all devices


Outfox IT Services - Overview Flyer of IT and Web Services

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Overview Flyer

Need to take an overview of our services with you to a meeting?

You can download our simple overview flyer, which lists our most popular services available from Outfox IT Services LLC.